The Benefits Of Taking TruBrain Regularly

The verdicts from just about all the TruBrain reviews are very clear, this is a high-quality nootropic stack-product that is effective and legitimate. This product is driven by Piracetam, which is a brain supplement that combines neurochemical modulators, nootropic nutrients and cognitive enhancers that boost cognitive functions.

Each of these components is backed by track records within the nootropic communities. One of the questions that many consumers ask is whether this product is able to deliver the results associated with the high-subscription fees, in comparison to buying each component individually. Here is a review of TruBrain that covers the side-effects, ingredients and the alternatives for this brain booster.

TruBrain Ingredients


The primary ingredient in TruBrain is Piracetam, which is already a well-established and well-known nootropic supplement on its own. Piracetam boosts the brains metabolism by facilitating fluidity, signaling, neurotransmission and cerebral circulation inside the cell membranes.

Piracetam also has a significant impact on sensory sensitivity, memory, and learning while at the same time adding great neuro-protective benefits over the long-term.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Also known as ALCAR, this proven anti-oxidant also plays the role of boosting cellular energy. These benefits translate into physical and mental energy, along with an easier access to memories and faster moving thoughts.

CDP Choline

This is a type of choline that is also called Citicoline and is associated with supporting the health of brain cells and is also a pre-cursor when it comes to acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine which are key neurochemicals linked to reasoning skills, memory function, attention span and learning abilities.


This is an essential mineral responsible for regulating excitatory responses that occur inside the brain along with offering relaxing effects. A deficiency in magnesium is often related to over-exercise and dehydration.


DHA is one of the Omega 3 fatty acids which contributes to reducing inflammation and improving cell health inside the brain. Typically found in food sources such as fish, DHA happens to be one of the vital components when it comes to skin health along with powerful anti-aging and neuroprotective properties.

Other ingredients found in TruBrain include Tyrosine that stimulates dopamine, Theanine for its relaxing effects and Pramiracetam that promotes creativity.

These ingredients are all included in the pre-packaged day or night packs. The manufacturer states that taking a daily regimen of the pills will steadily increase brain activities as well as stabilize and balance mood.

Reviews From TruBrain Users

The overall reviews of users of TruBrain are mainly favorable. Most users report on outstanding results in regard to motivation when it comes to completing tasks and mental alertness. Confidence and a positive attitude are also cited regularly. One of the stands out effects of using TruBrain on a regular basis is associated with exceptional vivid dreams.

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A common complaint from some of the users has to do with the number of pills which have to be taken on a daily basis. During the stages known as the “loading phase” on a TruBrain regimen, the users are required to consume 7 pills every morning and 6 pills every night.

Due to the fact that these pills have not being labeled for their contents, the user is forced to take everything together, regardless of a person’s unique needs or conditions. The convenience factor associated with not needing to calculate the dosages is offset somewhat by inabilities to modify the user’s dosages.

The primary concern when it comes to many users is associated with the high price of this product. This happens to be the primary complaint about the TruBrain users and for a very good reason. A monthly supply of this product can cost up to $125. The packaging which contains dedicated pills for night and morning will last for 20 days as the instructions suggest that this product should only be taken on weekdays and not on rest days or weekends.

For the purpose of comparison, if the user where to purchase Piracetam which is the primary active ingredient in TruBrain, they would be able to buy 2000g for the price of a month’s supply of TruBrain. This translates into an 8-month supply using the 2.4 grams dosage. For the majority of users, it makes more sense economically to purchase the ingredients individually.